Spirent TestCenter
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N4U - 2 / ִ 32 / Client Software download


N12U - 12 / ִ 32 / Client Software download


 Spirent C50 - 100G/50G/40G/25G/10G/5G/2.5G/1G/100M/WI-FI (AC/AX)


 Spirent C1-1G/10G, WI-FI (AC/AX)


Spirent C2 WI-FI (AC/AX)

DX module

400G/100G/40G/25G/10G : Lower Performance, High Density module, Layer 2~Layer 3

PX module

100/50/40/25/10/5G : Higher Performance, High Density module, Layer 2~Layer 3

FX module

400G/100G/40G/25G/10G/5G/2/5G/1G/100M : Higher Performance, Layer 2~Layer 3

MX module

100G/50G/40G/25G/10G/5G/2.5G/1G/100M : Highest Performance, Layer 2~Layer 7



Extensive Routing Protocol support for IPv4/IPv6 supporting Unicast and Multicast

Data Center Protocols

Test subscriber capacity, performance, bandwidth with Overlay EVPN, VXLAN or Legacy protocols

Networking Protocols

Scalable solution for SRv6 services testing, complete SP-SDN protocol portfolio

Access Protocols

Complete set of Access protocols for both IPv4 and IPv6

Switching Protocols.

Comprehensive switching, Carrier Ethernet, and Timing protocols coverage

Application Layer Protocols

Test basic application-layer protocols over FTP, HTTP, voice, video, IPTV

IETF RFC Benchmarking Methodologies

Industry-standard IETF RFC Benchmarks for Layer 2-3 Switching, IP Multicast

Time-Sensitive Networking/TSN Protocols

Compliance and performance testing of TSN/AVB-enabled network, cabling, devices, and systems

5G Fronthaul Protocols

Comprehensive eCPRI / O-RAN protocol test solution and RRU / DU device emulation to validate conformance, interoperability



Temeva Temeva ̰ ϱ ׽Ʈ ַԴϴ. Ʈũ Ŭ带 ִ پ ֽϴ.
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TrafficCenter TrafficCenter ø̼ Ʈũ ׽Ʈ Flow Դϴ. ϰ ģȭ GUI , ׼ Ͽ
Ʈũ ׽Ʈ ϰ ڿ մϴ.



MethodologyCenter ø̼ 䱸 ° ִ ǵ Test Template մϴ. RFC-2544, Y.1564 ׷ȭϿ
ڿ մϴ.



CloudSure ø̼ NFV Ŭ ϴ ַԴϴ. VM Ǵ Container Emulate Ͽ CPU, ޸, 丮 Ʈũ I/O پ
ø̼ ε带 𵨸 մϴ.



ñϽ ø ֽʽÿ. ( 031-360-1662 )