MT2 는 BBF.247 프로그램에 대한 공식 ONU 인증 연구소인 LAN (Laboratoires des Applications Numériques) 과 xG-PON 도메인에 관련된 여러 통신 회사에서
사용되고 있습니다. 또한, FSAN (Full Service Access Network) 그룹의 유일한 테스트 장비 회사 회원이며, 브로드밴드 포럼 회원으로서 BBF.247 프로그램에 깊이
관여하고 있습니다.





- The tool used for the official BBF.247 certification

- High performance : Handles 4 x 10Gb/s ports

- May be used as either an Analyzer or an OLT emulator

- Multi layer analysis for current and next generation PONs

- Software licenses available for GPON, XG-PON, XGS-PON and NG-PON2*

- Ethernet/Wifi managing interface, LAN/WAN Access

- Complete, User friendly Graphic User Interface

- Highly integrated and portable design : 18 x18 x 3 cm, ,<1kg

- Robust and sturdy aluminum casing als- available as rackable







NIVA-xGPON, for a comprehensive understanding of a real PON network

No xPON-specific chipset. Accurate data recovery for upstream bursts. Decoding according to ITU G.987, G.984, G.9807 & G.989 Deep analysis of exchanges for PLOAM and OMCI messages, with errors highlighting. DBA analysis, follow-up of upstream bandwidth allocated for each ONU/Alloc-ID. Optional raw data recording Easy data mining - Filtering/searching wizard Alarms and triggers.



The comfort of a Real Time monitoring tool for Interop testing!

Native Real-Time acquisition and decoding. Simple/Clear GUI, Plug and play, no calibration setup. Immediate monitoring of the PON events (ONU ranging, authentication, OMCI MIB setup ...). OMCI diagram generation for browsing the actual MIB in place. Integrated standard document helper. On-line and Off-line analysis. Automatic discovery of GEM ports and VLAN-IDs, with bandwidth graph. Ethernet Data Replication for IP-level analysis. Complete XML export for PLOAM and OMCI exchanges. Alarms & triggers, for automated capture






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